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21 Days

Last night I started a 21-Day Game to support a client of mine who is playing her own 21-Day Game. This will be a way for me to explore some ideas for my next 100 Days. I think I want to do something around energetic peace, which will mean an emphasis on sleep habits in addition to diet, exercise, and meditation. Maybe I’ll also work in something about appreciation.

Here are my game rules for the 21 days:

  • Begin getting ready for bed at 9 PM (done with dinner, home)
  • In bed by 10 PM (no computer, reading is okay, better would be meditation)
  • Up by 7 AM, sitting meditation completed before 8 AM
  • Eating guidelines: emphasize vegetables and fruits; no meat, alcohol, dairy, sugar, wheat
  • Exercise: Vic Magary workouts; max sets of pushups on non-Magary days
  • Exceptions: moderate deviations on special occasions only
  • Feeling intentions: To feel the power of choice and self-love in these rules

I will not report daily on this blog. I may report from time to time as I get clearer on what my upcoming 100 Days might look like.


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