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I over-scheduled myself this past week. As a result, my disciplines took a bit of a hit.

It’s been a full week since I last posted. My morning skin-brushing and affirmations vanished for most of that week. I’ve been sensitive to when I get to bed, and though it’s often after 10 PM, I do meditate once I’m there.

Regarding last Monday’s cleanse, I was almost 100% successful. My dinner was a veggie burger at a restaurant–the bun and cheese (and some fries) were not cleanse-friendly. But it definitely helped to have the food in the house for the earlier part of the day.

I’m going to do some food prep today for tomorrow’s cleanse today.

I’ve also been having trouble sleeping because I have so much on my mind. That makes it more challenging to get up and get started in the morning. Over time, the meditation will likely help with that.

So although I got a little off track this week, I’m learning about what supports my disciplines and what doesn’t, which is all part of this 100 Days experience!


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Late nights this weekend, but lots of fun. I was more relaxed with my disciplines as a result.

I’m fully stocked and ready for my Monday cleanse tomorrow. It’s 10:30 now, and I’m going to bed to meditate as soon as I finish this post.

Listening to Ajahn Brahm tonight, I was reminded of his practice of acknowledging what he loves and values in himself as he meditates. That will be my focus tonight.

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Last night I was searching
Searching for something
Searching for action
Some satisfaction

If there had been alcohol or junk food in the house…well, let me tell you I’m happy there wasn’t. I settled for an egg sandwich and a horror movie. Needless to say I did not get to bed at 10 PM. Which of course delayed things this morning.

The good news is that I completed my disciplines, if not at the time I intended. And I learned that I have a mindset of wanting to end the day with a treat of some kind. Something satisfying.

Satisfaction is definitely the right word. It comes from Latin meaning “to make/do enough,” and that’s exactly the feeling I have. I don’t want to end the day (i.e. go to bed) until I feel like I’ve done enough, until I feel like I’ve enjoyed something special. “Yes, it was a good day. And now I can go to bed.”

But really, what can one do at the end of the day? Is a cookie (or twenty) going to fill whatever emotional hole is craving satisfaction? No, that’s why there’s all that searching.

I’m now conscious of it and will acknowledge it for what it is when it shows up again… Tonight?

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Evenings are challenging me. 🙂

Last night I stayed up later than 10, consciously pushing it off. “Another 15 minutes, another 15 minutes.”

There was something I was seeking, some sense of finality. Some sense of “Okay, that’s a great way to cap off the day.” I would like my meditation to be that, but often it’s not. The meditation can be frustrating when my mind is racing. Maybe I could change it to make it more appealing. Add a sense of sacredness, like soothing music, or a candle, or some incense.

New Discipline: 7 AM Power Hour

I started a new discipline today that I’m calling my 7 AM Power Hour (thanks to Anthony Robbins). It will include skin-brushing, affirmations, and physical exercises. Maybe even a short walk. I did 30 minutes this morning because I had a telephone coaching client at 7:45. Wednesdays will typically be a shorter version.

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Here’s a quick recap of my experience with humble discipline in the first week:

10 PM Meditation

This has been largely a success. On days when I do not have late evening plans (most mid-week days), I’m quite conscious of the 10 PM structure. Even if I don’t actually get to bed until 10:30, the 10 PM structure is supporting me by increasing my awareness of the choices I’m making in the evening and how they affect my bedtime.

Monday Health Cleanse

Today I was unprepared like last week. I’m aware that for this to work consistently, I need to make it easier by having cleanse-friendly foods in the house. And having a meal plan could help, too. Here’s my first draft:

  • Green drink
  • Fruit for breakfast
  • Fresh vegetable juice, quinoa, and steamed spinach for lunch
  • Big raw salad and steamed broccoli for dinner
  • Snack: sliced cucumbers

Skin-brushing and Affirmations

Most days I do this in the morning, but rarely upon waking as is my intention. This is an opportunity for more attention.

Daily Blog Reporting

This is the lowest of priorities on this list of disciplines, and as such, it’s the least consistent. Not having a routine for when exactly I intend to post (morning, mid-day, evening) makes it more challenging. This week I will play with an evening routine; maybe link it to the 10 PM meditation.

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