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My legs were incredibly sore today from yesterday’s intense workout, so I took another rest day. Tomorrow I’ll do Workout G.

I’d like to figure out another workout routine that incorporates the exercises I’ve been doing, but works different muscle groups on different days to allow for rest.


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Workout F kicked my butt this morning! It calls for as many squat jumps as I can do in 10 minutes, and I wanted to beat my tally from last time, so I pushed myself really hard. Have you ever exercised so hard that you start to drool when you stop? Or is it just me? It’s like I’m breathing too hard to take time to swallow, and all of the saliva accumulates in my mouth. Weird. I hope I haven’t shared too much.  🙂

I did 181 squat jumps in 10 minutes, up 9% from last time and 56% from the first time I did this workout. My knee has been a little stiff as a result, but no pain or lack of mobility.

I forgot to do the skin brushing, so I will do that now before I go to bed.

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I had lunch today with some friends I haven’t seen in a while. They’re an older couple I met when I first moved to Pennsylvania. In fact, they were the first friends I made here. They served home-made macaroni and cheese, and I choose to deviate from my 100 Days dietary guidelines for this special occasion. It was great to spend the whole afternoon with them.

I also skin-brushed for the first time in, well, a long time. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s been over a year, maybe even two (wow, could it be longer than two?). I used to do it every day, and I mean every day. I’d even bring the brush with me when I traveled. It’s representative of a time when I was very committed to my health. That and bouncing on my mini-trampoline. I’d like to bring them back into my life. I will start with the brushing.

Tomorrow I resume the workouts. The key for me will be doing them in the morning. The longer I wait, the more I will be tempted to skip it.

Finally, I listened to some very interesting interviews about the role of depression in spiritual growth. It’s made me more accepting of the emotional struggle I’ve been facing. I don’t know that I’m depressed, and I don’t know that I’m not. What struck me was one interviewee’s description of the opposite of depression as a vibrancy for life. That is something I do not feel very often, and I would like to feel more of it. We will see.

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I decided today that I am taking a few days off from working out. I want to give my knee a rest. Thinking about it now, though, I see that I could do pushups and other non-leg exercises.

Wow, I was really stuck in a mental box. I was thinking I had to do Workout F next. Who says? This is a good lesson for me in how rigid I can become in my thinking about health.

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No workout today. I put it off until it got late enough that I had to leave for my afternoon/evening appointment. In fairness, my knee is still a little sore, so it was probably good to rest.

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Today was an unscheduled rest day. I could feel that my legs needed some time off, especially since I planned to attend yoga asana class tonight. And did I make the right choice! Class was heavy on legs and my thighs felt a little weak at times. If I’d done squat jumps today I would have been useless. This was a good lesson in listening to my body.

My mood was much better today. I even felt like being goofy at times. That teleseminar class I took last night was so good for me.

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Today was very challenging emotionally. What the heck is it with Wednesdays? I was especially down on myself today. The negative self-talk was excessive. Tonight’s class on teleseminars covered mindset, and that was very helpful as a reminder of the importance of being more intentional with my thoughts. The most important thing I can do in my life is commit to a practice of mastering my own psychology.

I completed Workout E today, all 7 recommended sets of 10 lunges and 10 burpees. Workouts completed so far are B, E, F, and G. A and C will be the hardest because they include 8 sets of 25 pushups and I’ve only been able to do 4 so far.

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